This is me, wearing a polymerized glove. I'm a postdoc at Saarland University (SIC). I'm interested in how we perceive the world through our skin. I use technology to build things which appear magical.

June 2021

I am starting a new HCI research group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics called sensorimotor interaction. We will be conducting research on tactile and kinesthetic perception, sensory augmentation and on-body systems. I am looking for PhD students and PostDocs to join me (you can find the call on the group website).

June 2020

I will be serving in the Program Comittee for CHI2021. I will also be reprising my role as Program Chair for AHs2021.

May 2020

My PhD thesis was awarded the SIGCHI Outstanding Dissertation Award. I am flattered and honoured and Proud. I'm honoured to be a SIGCHI Award recepient next to the liks of my supervisor, Kasper Hornbæk, who was induced into the CHI-Acadamy.
I was also part of a last-minute effort to switch the Augmented Humans 2020 conference to an online model. A big shout out especially to Bo Zhou and Thomas Kosch as well as all the others who made it happen. Special thanks also to Stelarc for his support.

February 2020

This is the year of committee service for me. I am currently program chair for Augmented Humans 2020 in Kaiserslautern. I’m serving on the program comittee for both TEI 2020 and UIST 2020. I will also be acting as Workshop Chair for TEI 2021 in Salzburg.


I am interested in human perception and computer sensing. I believe that a solid understanding of perceptive actions will allow us to design new experiences and access to the world.

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I have PhD in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen, a MSc in Computer Science from Queen’s University, Canada and a BA in Philosophy of Technology from University College Maastricht.

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I am passionate about teaching others how to learn. I have taught and designed University level, high-school as well as corporate courses.

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